Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Remoteless: Remote control for Spotify and Iphone - I tested it.

Disclaimer: My friend is on the development team of Remoteless.

Last night I participated in a very exciting informal user test of an upcoming Iphone app called Remoteless, scheduled to arrive in App Store around March 1, 2010. It's a remote control for Spotify (on Windows).

First of all, I must say I'm impressed by the job done, since Spotify offers no open API to control it they had to use image processing and interaction simulation to communicate with the Spotify client. It requires you to install a little program on your Windows computer, and for now, that's the only platform they support.

Since I am a Mac user I don't reckon I will buy the app, but having tried I would certainly recommend it to Windows users out there who need an easy way to switch music playing on your computer without getting out of the couch.

As opposed to other apps that let you control the computer remotely, this app here actually communicates with the public metadata API of Spotify to search for artists, albums and songs, and when you are ready to play a song, its URI is sent to Spotify along with some double-click events and some such.

It even sports the ability to save tracks, albums and even artists as favorites, something I've been missing from Spotify!

Scheduled for release around the same time as Spotify's arrival in the US, I suppose this app will do well, and I think it deserves it!


  1. Why wouldn't you want to use it for your MAC ?

    I have a MAC and would love to have a version for MAC OS installed.

  2. I would use it for Mac if it was supported. Right now there is only a Windows version of the helper program, and as far as I know, interacting with Spotify on the Mac in the way that this program does, it not as straight-forward.

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